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First off, let me start by saying this review is very long overdue. A little less than a year ago, me and my boyfriend were looking around to purchase our very first home. With us being first-time homebuyers, we did everything completely backwards. We started off looking at houses for sale online- without applying for a mortgage loan or any of that yet. We jumped straight into the fun part which was looking at homes within our budget just to “window shop” to see what was out there. Clearly, we were extremely excited and got ahead of ourselves a bit lol.

We saw a house online and loved everything about it. So one weekend, we decided to look at the open house and a few other open houses in the East Bay while meeting several realtors along the way that weren’t really on the same energy/vibe as us (I swear I probably collected like 10-15 business cards on just this one weekend alone). We went into the house we saw online and instantly fell in love- nice neighborhood, friendly neighbors, parks nearby, etc. all of our needs were met with this home. I knew that we both wanted this house to be it- but knowing that we haven’t even applied for a mortgage loan, no realtor, etc. any of that- we knew this would be a long shot and this home would be off the market real soon. We knew it would be damn near impossible for this to be ours. Right after seeing this open house, we went to another one which was where we met Sante. Right off the bat, we noticed his energy matched ours, he was a natural people-person and was very easy to talk to. It felt more like a casual conversation with a friend rather than your typical “seller” approach that we noticed all of the realtors we met along the way had. It was very easy for us to open up to him almost instantly about what we wanted and what we were looking for, and he was so honest and open, blunt but respectful, straight to the point and told us what to expect being first-time home buyers and all. He had answers to all of my questions and really gave us good pointers. At this point, I already knew this guy knows exactly what he’s doing and he was very good at what he does. I very briefly told him about the last house we saw, and expressed to him how we had our mind set on it hoping that there was something that he can do to help us get it, knowing that it would be a miracle considering the mortgage loan we were lacking, and knowing how long of a process that can be alone. He simply told me to email him the info, and that’s where it all began. This was all while briefly and casually walking through his open-house. We knew that even if we wouldn’t be able to get the first home, he would for sure be the realtor we wanted to work with in finding our future home.

A day or two later, Sante hooked me up with a loan officer who helped me expedite the mortgage loan application process and we were able to put an offer down on the home just days later. We couldn’t believe how fast of a process it was and how fast-pace everything was going. It was a little intimidating for us because we knew we were fighting time at this point and we didn’t have much time to think anymore considering we did everything last-minute, but we were 100% sure we wanted that home and would do anything to get it. Sante gave us hope and that was all we needed. I would text/call Sante throughout the days/nights and he was always so cool about everything despite my mini panic attacks lol he was always making sure we were comfortable, explained everything in full detail, and made everything so simple on our end. It almost felt like me and my boyfriend weren’t doing enough because he made everything too easy for us. Meanwhile I knew he was working his butt off around the clock on his part to make this happen. It was almost unreal to me how fast and efficient he was with this whole process. Before we knew it, the offer was put down and the house was OURS!!! We couldn’t believe that the house we originally wanted and had a very slim chance in getting, became ours all with Sante’s help.

Till this day, we cant believe Sante worked his magic and somehow made this work and made all this happen in less than a month. Although there were some minor bumps in the road (which should always be expected when purchasing a home anyway), that was completely out of Sante’s control..he always kept his cool and made sure we were taken care of. I’m really not the easiest person to please and I know there were times I put him under a lot of pressure to meet our needs but nothing ever stopped him- and for that I am very appreciative. His personality/positive fun energy and his professional approach to situations..made this experience a great first one for us!! Overall, Sante is the best balance of a friend and businessman. You definitely want this guy on your team. I’m convinced that under any circumstance or difficult situation you may be in, he can make it happen!!!! Always grateful for this guy. THANK YOU, SANTE!!!!!

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